CCH Consularis AG

«CCH Consularis AG» (registered in Switzerland in 2006) - acts as a trading house in Europe, negotiates with clients from around the world to provide raw materials, finished goods and services through the activitiesof the “Fund for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations”. It also performs the functions of a holding company for companies registered in Switzerland and abroad, intermediary services and provision of venture capital, financing, loans, mortgages and investment, technical and commercial exploitation of manufacturing processes, patents, license and other rights, investment management and management of all sorts of assets, as well as acquisition of real estate for its own administration or for administration by third parties. The company can create its branches and subsidiary companies in Switzerland and abroad, invest in companies in Switzerland and abroad, acquire, encumber, sell and administer real estate in Switzerland and abroad, provide financing on its behalf or on behalf of third parties, as well as provide warranties and sureties for its subsidiaries and third parties.