On February 12, 2024 the Fund for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relationsand GLOBALSIBEXPO signed a cooperation agreement to promote China-Eurasia cooperation and development.

In order to develop relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction, entering a new era of the Russian-Chinese Treaty of Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation, in the capital of the Siberian Federal District, Novosibirsk, on November 27-29, 2024 at the International Exhibition Complex (IEC) "Novosibirsk Expo Center" (Stantsionnaya Street , building 104) the Eurasian-Chinese exhibition and forum "GLOBALSIBCHITAINEXPO" will take place.
The creation of this international communication platform, bringing together representatives of government agencies, business, and public associations to conduct a constructive dialogue, will help ensure the development of foreign trade, industrial, technological and scientific cooperation between enterprises of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. The trends of this event will be EURASIAN COOPERATION, EXPORT-IMPORT AS BILATERAL POTENTIAL, RUSSIAN-CHINESE FOREIGN ECONOMIC COOPERATION, ENERGY SECURITY AND ENERGY SAVING, INDUSTRIAL-LOGISTICS AND INDUSTRIES PARKS, HIGH-TECH AND HIGH-TECH DEVELOPMENTS, AS WELL AS TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS:
  The main objectives of the project are the development of existing and the formation of new connections between the Eurasian, Russian and Chinese business circles, promoting the development of interregional Eurasian-Chinese partnership in matters of improving relations between entrepreneurs of our countries, the exchange of bilateral experience between experts and entrepreneurs in the field of foreign economic activity. Also acquaintance with advanced technologies, goods, services, products and promising scientific developments of the two countries. In fulfillment of the goals and objectives of the exhibition-forum in Moscow, an Agreement was signed between LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "GLOBALSIBEXPO", represented by General Director Alexander Yakhomov and the General Representative of the Fund for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Daxing Trade Information Consulting Co. Ltd  by Vladimir Lishchuk. On the same day, a working group was formed to implement the project.