Atenon-T LLC is a consolidated group of enterprises specializing in the design, manufacture and servicing of special-purpose products for nuclear, energy and defense engineering.
OKB is a close-knit team of highly qualified specialists of engine design, fuel system, precision mechanics, systems engineering, computer science, and it confidently solves the problems of serial support and experimental design work on modernization of manufactured products and development of system elements and radio engineering complexes.
The scientific and technical complex provides a full cycle of work at customer facilities:

  • predesign examination;
  • development of technical solutions;
  • design;
  • installation and commissioning;
  • trainingof operational staff;
  • participation in acceptance tests;
  • commissioning;
  • maintenance of systems during operation;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

Processing of about 950 types of materials.
The main activity is the use of new metal-saving technology for processing materials.
- Castings of aluminum alloys
- Zinc alloy castings
- Steel castings
- Copper alloy castings

Processed materials
Non-ferrous alloys (based on aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, tungsten).
Steel (including stainless, high-speed and tool).
Zirconium, molybdenum, nickel, magnetic alloys. Various alloys.
CNC Turning
Maximum dimensions of machined parts:
• diameter 420 mm above the bed (end processing);
• diameter 320 mm above the support (in the centers);
• length 1400 mm, processing accuracy - 7 qualifications
CNC milling and boring
The maximum dimensions of the machined parts are -2134 / 813/762 mm, the machining accuracy is 6
Round grinding
The largest processing dimensions are 120 x 450, processing accuracy is 5
Flat grinding
The largest processing sizes are 600 x 2000 x 400, and the processing accuracy is 5 degrees.
Honing Holes
• the largest processing size is 165x450mm, the smallest processing size
processing accuracy - 5 qualifications
- Gear milling from m = 0.2 to m = 2.5 l diameter - 250 mm.
- Gearing from m = 0.5 to m = 1, diameter 80 mm with a crown width of 20 mm
- Denting m = 0.2 to m = 1.5 diameter 125 mm
- Processing accuracy - 7 degree

The company has implemented an organizational strategy for the integration of production and operations, human resources management, financial management and asset management using the ERP system.
Valid QMS ISO 9001-2015